Remember Book Groups?

Remember Book Groups? Not the Zoom sort, with a screen full of talking heads where you too often find yourself accidentally muted, but the real thing, with friends old and new responding in person to a book we’ve all just read. The roads have gone from snow to mud, more bird species are showing up at the feeders every day, buds are swelling. We can be outdoors. We can be together safely.

We can restart Book Groups.

You may recall the mechanics: they’re simple. We choose a book. The library orders multiple copies, so we can all read together. We set a date. Ideally, someone brings scones or cookies, and we show up to share our thoughts.

But what shall we read? This is where you, the engaged Nelson book lover, play the major role. What fiction or non-fiction book would you like to explore with friends? The Library will accept nominations over the next two weeks. We will choose two books, the most-nominated works of fiction and non-fiction, from submissions. In case of a tie, we’ll draw randomly.

Once we have our selections, we will notify everyone, and ask you to commit to a group (or not, if the selections don’t fit your interests). We will poll each group for a suitable meeting time, and order the books so everyone can get started reading. We will request a sunny day from the weather man, but this is New Hampshire, so results are not guaranteed.

We ask you to keep in mind only two things in making your nomination(s). First, please do not choose books published within the last 6 months: these are too difficult for us to borrow in quantity. And second, while a Book Group on War and Peace might be edifying, wading through books more than 300 or so pages long in a month may be too much of a stretch for your neighbors: keep the length of your selections reasonable.

To get things started, here are nominations from the library staff:

Kris Finnegan’s reads: Fiction: Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno Garcia

Nonfiction:Vesper Flights by Helen Macdonald

Jeff Taylor’s reads: Fiction: Deacon King Kong by James McBride

Nonfiction: Wanderlust: A History of Walking by Rebecca Solnit

Please send your own nominations (more than one is OK) to:

Librarian's Picks

Click on the covers below to read about each book.

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