Nelson School

School Information

Public education in Nelson starts with kindergarten at the Nelson Elementary School.

Nelson School is a small rural school with an enrollment of 75 students in grades K-5. The school excels in creating a family atmosphere through multi-grade classrooms, the implementation of an all school theme, and close interaction between classes. The school serves students from Nelson and the neighboring town of Sullivan.

In addition to academic subjects, Nelson offers music, art, physical education, Spanish, Nature Studies and after school instrumental lessons. Our students are supported by Title I services in reading and math, a special education teacher, a school counselor, an occupational therapist, a speech therapist, and a school nurse.

The efforts of the staff to establish a productive and nurturing learning environment for children are greatly aided by strong community involvement and support. Nelson School is a place where there is a strong emphasis on basic skills, where there is excitement about learning, where there are high and clear expectations for performance, and where children are challenged to reach their full potential.

Nelson is an independent school district within SAU (School Administrative Unit) 29, based in Keene.

There are several private schools serving both elementary, middle, and high school grades which are in the area. It is beyond the scope of this website to provide a full listing, but this information is readily findable on the web.

The Big Kids

Public education continues in Keene with the Keene Middle School , then Keene High School

Keene Middle School

Keene High School