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The Select Board is excited to announce that reclamation of the baseball fields located behind the safety buildings on Old Stoddard Road has begun! Both fields have been mowed and significant progress has been made in removing trees, brush, and debris from the fencing and dugout areas. It is starting to resemble what it was years ago, a great recreation space.

We really felt it was a shame to leave that area untouched. It is a great resource for the town. At one time an immense amount of work was done to make it a usable area. Mike Blaudschun’s son Chris designed and helped build the full-size baseball field, known as the Babe Ruth field, as an Eagle Scout project. Many volunteer hours were spent to develop the fields.

The initial incentive to reclaim the area now was due to a desire to have a softball game as part of the Old Home Day events this year.  However, to justify the continued maintenance for this area, we want to encourage other uses as well.

Therefore, the Select Board requests suggestions from the residents of Nelson for other uses of this area. The intention is to maintain the smaller field for softball use, but the larger field could be used for other endeavors. Parking is ample, and the bleachers are a plus.  Some suggestions have been community gardens, concerts, a New Year’s bonfire, and community gatherings and picnics. The sky is the limit.  We encourage you to make suggestions in writing or in person at one of our regular meetings. At the very least, take a drive by and see the improvements.

Write to the Select Board with ideas or to request being on the agenda for a meeting.

Play Ball!

Old Home Day 2022, and someone will step up to home plate to be the first batter for the first game of the newly restored field. Who will this be?

John Wengler is the point person for this soon-to-be historic game. Are you planning to play, would you like to help? Maybe some advance scouting of the field to make sure everything is in order? Contact John: johnwengler@nullgmail.com .  Let’s hit the ground running! 

Now, as to who’s on first, perhaps it’s been a while, or perhaps you’ve never seen it – this classic scene from Abbott and Costello, introduced in the late 1930’s and which became, and remains, legendary.

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