The Holt Trail in October

~ Brenna Kucinski

On a gorgeous fall day last week I decided to take a walk on the Holt Trail, which is accessed off the Kulish Ledge Trail. Both of these gorgeous trails are found off Old Stoddard Road at a parking area approximately 3½ miles from the center of town. I started up the Kulish Ledge Trail and shortly took a right onto the Holt Trail (blue blazes). This meanders at first along several now unused beaver ponds, and then follows Bailey Brook for a short while. The trail then takes a turn and starts a rather long climb up to the top of a rise that provides a lovely view through the trees (as the leaves come off it is even more evident).

I continued up along the trail as the fall colors became more visible.

The trail continues a slow climb mixed with some easy meandering through thicker pines and spruce, and then eventually comes to the cellar hole of Stephen and Mary Parker. .

At the top of the climb one encounters directions to either continue on to the Kulish Ledge trail (which has two spectacular viewing areas and makes a loop back to the parking lot) or continue on the Ridge Trail (orange blazes), which will take you on to the top of Osgood Hill with a gorgeous view of Mount Monadnock. I chose the Ridge.

Monadnock from Osgood Hill

From here you have a choice of continuing on the Ridge Trail to Hurd Hill and eventually the Brickyard Road parking area, or retracing your steps.

These really lovely trails provide many choices as to length of hike and a variety of interesting views, old stone walls, and cellar holes.

It's a Map!

click the map above to enlarge on your screen

The Nelson Trails Committee has produced a new trails map. You can download this as a printable PDF.

The map will evolve somewhat over time as new details are added, so be sure to check back here for the most current version if you are planning a hike which will depend on this.

You can also download the Partridge Woods Hiking Guide, which provides more narrative, but doesn’t render the map as large. This brochure should usually also be available in mailboxes at the trail heads.


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