The Munsonville Store Project

The arrival of the U.S. Mail stage at Green’s Store and Post Office, Munsonville, circa 1900

The good old days – Esso and lots of snow!

A couple of weeks ago Judi Lang contributed a Nelson Small Talk piece about how when the Munsonville Store and Post Office burned in 1989, the postmistress, Dot Hackett, gave each of the firefighters a key fob as a token of appreciation. On one side the name of the post office was inscribed, and on the other, there was a photo of the Store. Because Judi had put this to use over so many years, the photo had worn off. After reading the article Hope Lothrop realized that she had one with the image intact. Here it is – she thinks the person in the photo is Dot.

How many people remember the store? Hard to believe it’s been gone for over 30 years. The surfacing of the key fob is inspiring the idea of collecting stories, details, and photos about the Store, which can be collected here on Nelson In Common, providing a way to tell the story from multiple perspectives. We can’t know going into it how much information we’ll be able to get together, but we are confident that a project like this can be fun and rewarding, and used to make a permanent contribution to the historical archives.

Please share your thoughts, photos, and ideas with us.

The Munsonville Store -Remembrances

Store for a Day Celebration

Many in the area fondly remember the Granite Lake Store in the heart of Munsonville, New Hampshire. For some, the store’s proximity to the bus stop allowed it to serve as before and after school care for their children. For others, it provided a convenient place to pick up milk or bread on their way home.

Munsonville Store ~ Sarah Wilson

I remember the Munsonville store with great fondness.  When I was a little girl and my family would spend time at our cottage on Silver Lake, we would sometimes travel to the Munsonville store for [...]

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