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This page contains periodic updates from the Nelson Select Board and, when appropriate, other boards or sources specific to the management of town business. Nelson in Common does not take a position on any town issues: if you have questions or concerns regarding any information posted here, please contact the Town Administrative Assistant, Edie Drinkwater:, 603-847-0047.

Open Town Positions for 2022
The following is a list of town positions to be voted on at our next town election, scheduled for Tuesday, March 8.

TitlePositions Term
Selectmen13 Years
Treasurer11 Year
Trustee of Trust Funds13 Year
Emergency Management Officer11 Year
Cemetery Board Member13 Years
Trustees of the Library23 years
Planning Board13 Years
Zoning Board of Adjustment23 Years
Nelson Fire Equipment Committee13 Years
Moderator12 Years
Supervisor of the Checklist16 Years
Town Clerk/Tax Collector13 Years

Candidates may file at the town office on the following dates: Thursday January 20 and 27 from 9-NOON
Tuesday January 25 from 9-6
Friday January 28 from 3-5PM

Want to know more about any position? Call the Town Clerk, Karen Castelli, at 603-847-9043

or review the list of current board / committee members

And contact someone you know, or can find through the Nelson Phone Directory

Open School Board positions for 2022
The following is a list of town positions to be voted on at our next town election.

1 – 3 year term

If you have questions or are interested in filing, contact
School district clerk Kathy Schillemat

December 27, 2021|

Select Board News


The Nelson Select Board recently established a Community Power Committee to study the advantages/disadvantages of establishing a program by which Nelson residents could elect to join in purchasing their power as a group, instead of individually.  The electric lines and delivery would continue to be provided and serviced by Eversource, but decisions about where that energy would be purchased from would reside with the community.

The incentives for studying this include the ability to purchase our energy at a cheaper rate due to bulk purchasing, exploring sources that use more renewable energy, and the possibility of establishing a reserve fund for future projects and investments. Patsy Beffa-Negrini will be chairing this committee and is looking for members to join her.  Please feel free to contact her, at 603-827-3337, or your Select Board members if you are interested in joining the committee.

Other communities in our area already have or are in the process of establishing committees to investigate these potential opportunities. Harrisville and Keene have already been through the process and approved a purchasing program. We anticipate a proposal might appear on the 2023 Town Warrant.

On a happy note, we were able to lower the tax rate for the coming year from $18.67 to $15.21. We were able to do this by taking $200,000 from our available reserve fund balance to offset the loss of revenue. Our reserve fund balance remains healthy due to the good management of our budgeting process in the past. This will hopefully alleviate some of the anxiety we have been hearing about the recent assessments. Property re-evaluations occur every five years. Please keep in mind that these only reflect the increased demand for property in our area and the rise in property values. Remember, in the long run your properties are worth more!

We will soon begin our budget process for the 2022 fiscal year. We will be providing opportunities for the public to be involved in our deliberations to better understand the process. We have already begun to look at each department in town and think about how it is managed and how its budget aligns with its responsibilities.


Brenna Kucinski, Maury Collins, William Dunn




November 1, 2021|

Select Board News

October 7, 2021

The Select Board would like to encourage ALL Nelson residents to get vaccinated against the Covid virus. It is so important for our community as well as for the rest of our country. All vaccines have been proven safe and effective. The Pfizer vaccine is already approved by the FDA. Moderna and Johnson and Johnson and are seeking and expected to receive approval shortly. The vaccines are widely available and are given at NO cost to you. Please consider getting the shot if you haven’t and following through with the second and third shot (if applicable) once you have received the first. This is so important for protecting not only your own health but also that of your family and friends. If we all do our part we can finally get a hold of this deadly virus. Both Walgreens and CVS in Keene and Peterborough have easy access to these vaccines. Just stop by or better yet schedule an appointment online for times that are best for your schedule and that will also limit wait times. If you need a ride to a vaccine site you can contact any of your Select Board members to help facilitate that. Do it for yourself, do it for our overwhelmed health care workers, do it for your kids, do it for all of us!


Brenna Kucinski, Maury Collins, Bill Dunn

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October 7, 2021|


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