Nelson In Common Weekly Update 042821

Weekly Update 042821

Everyone we talk to is savoring this interval, between the last (we hope) snow storm, which presented itself with unusual vigor this year, and the arrival of our nemesis and namesake, the black flies. Anxious gardeners are scratching the soil, though it is too early to plant most things.

For those who need some additional stimulation for your garden fantasies, take a look at the Nelson Agricultural Commission’s page on this web site. The seed saving and sharing program they have implemented (in partnership with the Olivia Rodham Memorial Library) is impressive for our small town.

Click on the seedlings to see what’s in the seed catalog.

The First Crocus

Linda Singer’s “Musings of a Nelson Gardener” for May, benefits from her library of images of previous years. So while we wait to see our own gardens (and hers) fill in, we can at least savor her beautiful photos as we enjoy her informative and heart-warming essay.

Click on the First Crocus to go there.

George Washington Carver is credited with saying “A weed is just a flower out of place” (though we have also heard it ascribed to Ralph Waldo Emerson or other philosophers with three names).  Gardeners might not subscribe to this completely, but the idea has merit: things in their proper context are more likely to be appreciated. An application of this was discovered in the course of the town’s road cleanup day. Here we see three “harvests” from the effort. In the middle, something which had been lying about for days, in the category roadside trash, now given new life and a new home.

From trash to treasure: A penguin for Nelson (little does she know how cold it gets here!)

Almost 40 people participated in the cleanup, which actually continues through this week. Great work, Nelson!

Thanks to the Conservation Commission for organizing, and the road crew for bag pickup.

Recently some signs along Nelson hiking trails were noticed to have been damaged, and thoughts turned to the potential for deliberate vandalism. A plethora of theories came forth, including the suggestion that some of the damage could have come from bullets. Naturally this was disturbing to contemplate, but it also seemed incongruous with the situation: why would humans who took the time to enjoy a sylvan excursion (a) be armed and (b) have a motive for destruction. Great minds (there are several in Nelson) were engaged, and forensics applied from multiple perspectives. Deeper investigation yielded toothmarks clearly from a rodent, and hair from a bear. Whether a chipmunk and bear conspired against the sign, or were just exercising their curiosity, we will never know, but there is relief in dismissing the notion of malicious behavior. We share this information so that if you come across these (or future) damaged signs, you can spare your fellow humans any suspicions.

Check Out the Nelson Trails Page

We hope that visitors to this website have noticed we are starting to carry some tasteful advertising from local businesses. This provides a little revenue for our project, while filling in the texture of the site with businesses which are part of our community fabric. These ads will also appear in The Black Fly Quarterly, which will see its first issue mid June. If you have a local business which would fit, or if you know of someone who does, consider an ad with Nelson In Common. The rates are very modest. We’re still experimenting with how to effectively incorporate these ads into the many various places on this site.

Advertising Information

We also hope that those of you who have been paying attention to this site for three or four weeks are seeing what we call a constant work in progress, with new things being added, shuffled around, and the rare misfire being eliminated. We welcome your comments, suggestions, and contributions (photos, articles, Nelson Small Talk).

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On the Side

Douglas in the bow, wow!

~ Emily Tucker

What was the fate of this magnolia after being inundated with snow? 

Mouse over the image and find out.

from Linda Singer

Silver Lake

~ Brenna Kucinski


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