What’s with the Black Fly?

There’s a long standing rivalry between Nelson and, in particular, the towns of Marlow and Acworth.

Boast about how cold it was in Nelson Village, and a resident of Marlow is likely to claim that they stepped outside with their morning coffee and it froze before they could take a sip.

Or you might say how bad mud season is, to which the Acworthian will reply, “Why, to get down my road I had to install a periscope on my pickup since the mud was up over the windshield.”

But the strongest rivalry might be in describing the severity of the black fly season. My friend Jeff who lives precariously on the town line between Marlow and Acworth was complaining that he couldn’t see who was driving by his house because the cloud of black flies was so dense. I replied that in Nelson, in spite of the difficulties in traveling, we had actually had a team of paleontologists visit in response to a report of Pterodactyl sightings. Turns out the call was placed by a newcomer to town who was not familiar with the Black Flies of Nelson.

So in the spirit of levity, yet wanting to hold our edge in this competition, we adopt the Black Fly to represent our forthcoming efforts.


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